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Some journeys start as a sketch on a cocktail napkin and some of those few end up coming to life in miraculous ways. Although, we by no means are solely responsible but the growing success of this visionary brand, we sure are proud of being a part of its conception and imminent release into the wild.

The executive team of Floafers came to us with little more than a sketch and after a rigorous and contemplative journey Floafers were provided proof of concept when we launched a kickstarter campaign that garnered nearly $160,000.00 in thirty days and has subsequently gone on to be sold in numerous big box retailers around the country and has shipped across the globe.

Initially approached for branding we developed identity systems, icons, color families and ultimately ended up interfacing with international production channels to build the 3D models for the inaugural line of men and women’s shoes. From there we consulted numerous strategic moves, story boarded marketing efforts, facilitated product shoots and curated the Kickstarter content. Not to mention having worn our prototypes from beaches to boardrooms ever since.

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